We’re Focused on What Matters Most Right Now in Ocala and Marion County

At the Junior League of Ocala we live in the moment. To us, that means adjusting our focus according to our community’s most pressing needs. Our work is always evolving, and that keeps us on our toes, striving for progress, and preparing to take on whatever comes next.

Our current community goal of assisting local elementary schools to meet required state performance standards through the R.E.A.C.H. program can be achieved by creating and continuing open lines of communication with our selected school partners and thoughtfully spending budgeted amounts to maximize impact with our community partners. So far we have outfitted a resource room, created a maker’s room, provided new books, and collected donations for items such as shoes, alarm clocks, and recess equipment to achieve this, and are working to determine the needs for the current school year with our three partner schools.

Our goal is to help Ocala and Marion County women develop civic leadership skills through the work they do, then put those talents to work in the communities that need it. The Junior League of Ocala believes that women and children deserve to be empowered through quality opportunities in order to thrive and be contributing members of our community. These opportunities should develop the whole person socially, emotionally, physically, as well as academically. Our current focus on improving underperforming schools in our community gives women opportunities to grow, while positively impacting the communities where they live and work.

We’re Creating Fulfilling Leadership Opportunities Throughout Ocala and Marion County

The Junior League of Ocala offers so much more than local volunteering opportunities! Our League of leaders creates real change by advancing social activism-focused projects that directly benefit the communities of Ocala and Marion County. By giving women the tools to lead, educating them about their communities’ needs, and helping them put their unique brand of creativity and skill to work, the Junior League of Ocala is making a big impact on Ocala and Marion County.

We’re Transforming Ocala and Marion County Communities By Challenging the Status Quo

No matter what we’re currently focusing on, the Junior League of Ocala’s work centers around improving our local communities through effective action and leadership. We have identified under-performing schools as the most pressing issue in our community right now, and we are helping local women take action to resolve it. So far this year, we have donated 300 uniform shirts to students at Oakcrest Elementary School, purchased 400 books for students at Evergreen Elementary School, created a “Maker’s Room” at Evergreen Elementary School, and outfitted a resource room known as “The Nest” at Oakcrest Elementary School with a fresh coat of paint, supplies, and clothing. We believe that these impactful actions have the power to bring us closer to our goal of being adaptable while supporting our community partners the way that works best for them and the Junior League of Ocala, while aligning the efforts of various league committees to work together to reach the same end result